it’s been a while


yes it has.

And I don’t really have an explanation; blogging is fun, I’m meant to have more time, so this really doesn’t make much sense. But anyway, in the interests of speed blogging and saving time (and in accordance with my usual philosophy of plan-nothing-write-nonsense), I’ll spare the excuses.

So my mum is away from home (first during dad’s birthday, now over fathers’ day… conspiracy?) and I’ve got an ass-ton of work to do (so what’s new?), but I’ve missed the feeling of creating something, anything, no matter how good or bad it is and no matter the audience. I need to create something by myself and for myself. I need to prove to myself that I exist. I need to be creative. I need to…


But in lieu of that, here’s some stuff I like:

(hardly new, but #yoloswagbitches)

(quite new, at least to me.)

(both new and old)

I feel so happy for this Gavin Than character (creator of zen pencils, if you’re wondering. a brilliant, beautiful brew of advice, inspiration, and comix). a talent + an idea + today’s incredible, accessible technology + a dash of inspiration + a spark  of creativity = a thoughtful, sensitive contribution to _____ (insert your own meaning here)


In other news, it seems I’m being paid to become a role model. Despite my feeling comprehensively unqualified, the opportunity to fulfil my long-held wish to be a big brother might indeed win the day, so watch out world!
On the topic of role models:

1) my parents

2) the brothers Green

3) Hans Rosling

Now to transform thoughts into action!

(#betterthanhamlet #yolo #seeingrosencrantzandguildensternontuesdayhollaaaaaaaa )

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