Monthly Archives: June 2013

I’m eating lunch.

Cool story, I know; even cooler is that Sydney Uni strikes yet again, so I get to eat and write in the comfort of my own kitchen. Being obliged to clean out the fridge (not to mention lazy), I’m feasting on some glorious left over duck curry, although what I really wanted to make was this:

I found out about this one a few weeks ago, while desperate not to let an absolutely beautiful wedge of pecorino go bad, and I’ve been desperate to try it out. First attempt was delicious, but given that I was actually meant to be writing an essay that night, I may have skipped certain deliciousness-enhancing steps of an already bare-bones recipe. Oh well. Duck! I regret nothing.

Moving on, or rather backwards, I may have spent my morning in bed reading Deathly Hallows, after first being woken by a South African carpet-layer with the wrong address, strange men on the roof, and a very friendly and apologetic neighbour at the door. And all this got me thinking. The best things happen in bed. (okay, I lied, I didn’t really think that. But it sounds nice, right?)

Anyway, what I really started thinking was that I wanted to read and write more. Also that I wanted to go to Hogwarts. Earth-shattering revelations, right? But really, what’s stopping me? (and let’s face it, the dementors are already on their way to USyd…


So I want to write more. To be more specific, I want to write more kids/YA book reviews. A Wrinkle in Time, Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Anna and the French Kiss, Saving Francesca, Jasper Jones – they’re all just sitting there, judging me. Well it’s about time I started judging them back! (unfortunately, that shit ain’t happening today, I need to get going to the bank, Officeworks, Medicare, HCF and whatnot. oh the joys of teenagerdom. wait what? I suppose I have to grow up some day…)

So when will this be happening? Well, first I need to sort out my next three years. Tall order, I know, but hopefully I’ve narrowed it down. Commerce – low risk, low return. French (avec honours (gasp!) (in French!) (le gasp!)) – high risk, potentially high return. Either way, I need to make sure I leave myself enough time to read and write and medicinize and all that jazz.

Enfin, the question must be asked: Alex, why do you want to write? What’s the point? You’re not that great at it; why write if you’re never going to be published? well poo. I like having written. that’s the fun part. Start off small – blogs, emails. Next come the reviews and screenplays. Then, the world. yes that’s right. I’m going to write the world.

Let’s rescue this with a song.


You know the thing about rescuing crazy blog posts?

Sometimes, all you need is a punchy last line.