Candles, Clowns, and Cakes

mean that it’s my birthday!!!

And by me, I mean this here blog. That’s right, the hsc is my girlfriend is turning 1, and to celebrate, I’m  not really doing anything special… sorry. But on the plus side, this one has bought me ticket to see TSWIZZLEEEEEEEEEÈEEÊEEEEEEEEËEE. and I’m quite excited. or very excited. or pee-your-pants-crazy-dancing excited (maybe not that much). This is heading in a rather unexpected direction. Um. So the English Premier League has ended, SAF is bowing out on a record 13th title, and 22 (a.k.a. my humble fantasy team) has finished top of GW 11 starters in the world, so I’m happy. Also I have a shit-tonne of work, so I’m sad. Also I finished my first substantial essay last Friday (16 pages, what of it) so I’m happy. Also I really need to get going to uni, so I’m sad. Also…

You know what, I think it’s just going to be one of those days.


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