The Cat Is Dead.

I have no idea why I chose that title.

Well, that’s a lie. Kind of. Vaguely related to Will Greyson, Will Greyson, this “quote” reminded me of something else that I swear came from some John Green book somewhere. “Momentum is zero.”

Oh crap. In the process of writing this I think I just realised I used that stupid quote in a short story I wrote. Damn. I did. I kinda remember it now.

ANYWAY that was all me trying to say that I lost what little blog posting momentum I had gathered, and this is me trying, little by little, to claw it back. ugh. I’m so tired and out of it. Ugh.

The real reason, or at least the most spontaneously pressing reason, for me to smash out another truly incoherent post is to get a few more songs of the day out there. I feel like I really need this as a chronicle of what I’m listening to throughout the year. (read: just more examples of how fickle my love and attention really are.)

So here we go. This one’s quite beautiful.

And just for good measure:


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