I Just Don’t Get It

SO I’ve not posted a single thing for a long long time, yet I’ve still managed to average something like 1ish view per day. Astounding.
And now, the first post of a new year has led to the first view-less day… what am I doing wrong here? Not that I was ever in it for the views, of course! (that’s only half sarcastic)

Tonight was meant to be an early night. We just got back from a Chinese New Year dinner at a Western seafood restaurant (go figure), and I was all up and ready to kip in at 9.41pm (what is this madness?) when suddenly my Mum appeared…

M: “Well, I know I told you to go and get an early night for once… but since it looks like you’re not sleeping, let’s watch another episode of Downton Abbey.”


Alex’s song for the day:

I’ve only just started hearing this here and there, but I already love it. It’s so damn happy. But it sounds suspiciously familiar…

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