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Today it took me two hours to water the garden. It’s true I wanted to be thorough and all, but I’m sure reading a book at the same time had something to do with it.


I probably shouldn’t leave drafts overnight; all the brilliant prose i had just itching to be poured out onto e-paper has somehow been quelled. More of a niggle now, really. Not even worth scratching. What am I saying. eh anyway I read A Wrinkle in Time, because kids books are always superior. Far superior. And they have such straightforward yet absolutely essential and resonant messages. Love conquers all. Well, I guess that’s no surprise.

Anyway, like I think I said earlier, this “writing” business is really just giving me a shoddy excuse to regurgitate songs I’m liking immensely off triple j at the present time. Expect more on this unhealthy fixation in the posts to come.

Here we go; straight out of New York, I present to you the fantastic pants of MS MR (whom I so devastatingly missed at Laneway [I realise that implies I was there; I wish that were true. I really do.])

and even better:


I have no idea why I chose that title.

Well, that’s a lie. Kind of. Vaguely related to Will Greyson, Will Greyson, this “quote” reminded me of something else that I swear came from some John Green book somewhere. “Momentum is zero.”

Oh crap. In the process of writing this I think I just realised I used that stupid quote in a short story I wrote. Damn. I did. I kinda remember it now.

ANYWAY that was all me trying to say that I lost what little blog posting momentum I had gathered, and this is me trying, little by little, to claw it back. ugh. I’m so tired and out of it. Ugh.

The real reason, or at least the most spontaneously pressing reason, for me to smash out another truly incoherent post is to get a few more songs of the day out there. I feel like I really need this as a chronicle of what I’m listening to throughout the year. (read: just more examples of how fickle my love and attention really are.)

So here we go. This one’s quite beautiful.

And just for good measure:

pen holders;
mini fezes;
low-lying stilts;
bug traps;
room decorations;

and that. (not actually cups, but you get the idea.)

THEY ARE SO INCREDIBLE. Can you learn harmony? Someone please teach me, please. Please.

(I’m finding it hard to use words right now.)

Here’s some more harmony:

on that note, Matilda was on TV today! most well-loved Roald Dahl of my childhood…

I’m really sorry that this makes no sense today.



SO I’ve not posted a single thing for a long long time, yet I’ve still managed to average something like 1ish view per day. Astounding.
And now, the first post of a new year has led to the first view-less day… what am I doing wrong here? Not that I was ever in it for the views, of course! (that’s only half sarcastic)

Tonight was meant to be an early night. We just got back from a Chinese New Year dinner at a Western seafood restaurant (go figure), and I was all up and ready to kip in at 9.41pm (what is this madness?) when suddenly my Mum appeared…

M: “Well, I know I told you to go and get an early night for once… but since it looks like you’re not sleeping, let’s watch another episode of Downton Abbey.”


Alex’s song for the day:

I’ve only just started hearing this here and there, but I already love it. It’s so damn happy. But it sounds suspiciously familiar…

think of a new title for this here blog. Maybe it’ll hit me once I start uni.

Wait, what’s that? Start uni, you said? You’ve got to be kidding me. You, uni? Uni, you? U-ni?

Yep, that’s right. I’m starting uni in less than a month, and pleasingly, I can’t wait! I know it’s been a long time since you heard from me, a surefire symptom of how much I’m enjoying what’s been termed “the best and longest holiday of your life you little slacker so you’d better make the most of it” (note the counter-example: the exponential rise of blog-post-frequency during exam time). So much has happened and I have no clue how to even commence to start…

-I got a job! or four.
-I invested myself in the hottest 100 with alarming devotion.
-I avoided schoolies at Avoca alongside my best mates.
-I went to falls!
-I caught up on my childhood, watching The Parent Trap and Father of the Bride Part 1 2.
I learnt just a smidgen of independence when my mum left my dad and I in charge for just over two weeks.
-I went to many gigs.
-I bought Ukulele for Dummies.
-I did not at all grow out of making lists.
-I also did not learn how to turn vaguely amusing anecdotes into witty and eloquent blog posts.

I’m sure there’s at least one good story about how my dear old dad barely avoided burning down the house with a frypan of flaming oil, or how I tie-dyed all our shirts with pink highlights… but I can’t seem to get it down on the page. I could even talk about how beautiful Avoca St, Bondi is at Christmastime, or wax lyrical on the raw power and beauty of Regina Spektor’s voice in a packed-out Opera House (by the way, she’s a real short-ass. A damn incredible short-ass), or again bemoan my ineptitude and inability to convey meaning (read: talk) to those of that fairer sex. But nah.

Instead, here’s two songs that have become stuck in my head as of today! (maybe I’ll start up some sort of song of the day thing.)

à bientôt!