Just like Tom Hansen of Margate, New Jersey…

…I’ve grown up thinking that I’ll never be truly happy until I’ve found “the one.” And now that the above relationship is, as of three days ago, officially over, it’s time to restart that search. A quest, if you will. As Melina Marchetta/Tom Mackee said in The Piper’s Son, “maybe people enter your hearts, and then you spend the rest of your lives trying to find them.” (I’d say this is pitifully misquoted). Or as Nick and Norah concluded in the compiling of their infinite playlist, tikkun olam means that we are the scattered pieces of the universe which we all have an obligation to put back together. (This is probably wrong too). Or maybe it’s all just a play on those archetypal star-crossed lovers, who I choose to believe were destined not only towards their tragic fate, but also to the fleeting happiness that love can bestow.

Whatever. I’m in a funny mood. I didn’t think that my illustrious return to blogging would be in bed at midnight on my phone, but hey. Better late than never.


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