Monthly Archives: October 2012

First things first; I’m flattered that somehow, in my absence, this mess of words has still managed to attract an average of more than zero views per day. I’m touched. Really. Thanks.

And yes, this isn’t really the best time to dive back into the blogging blues, since I currently find myself ¬†embroiled in the most critical point of my relationship to date, what with it being the middle of the HSC and all… so I’ll keep it short.

Two exams done; and in spite of my current antic disposition, I’m happy enough with how they went, and more importantly just ecstatic that they’re over. Still, four days of intense mathematical cramming stretch out before me, and I’m overcome by a profound sense of isolation and despair…

Lucky I’ve got two spectacular Swedish sisters to see me through.

Oh, did I mention I’m going to falls?