Movies, Otters, and MORE GREEN

So there were a few things I forgot to say in my last post.

John Green does inspire me a bucketload. And I’d love to try writing some YA fiction sometime. After all, it is my favourite kind of fiction.

But what I find most refreshing and relieving is that someone who is currently so awesome and insightful and literate with the perfect amount of crazy and immature could have, in the past, been a total, typical, post-teenage asshat. Exactly how I kind of feel about myself right now.

Behold, the proof.


Anyway, I like movies a lot. And despite my current aspirations to YA lit authordom, I’m going to get back to some reviewing after trials or something.

Although I think any of my writing is first and foremostly recreational, as evidenced by the supremely sub-par standard of these bloggish blobs of word form.

but anyway, in my current state of mind, my three favourite movies are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Midnight in Paris, and, still and as always, 500 Days of Summer. (ok that double use of and is weird but it made sense when I said it in my head, I swear)

Anyway, have an otter or something. (I really really love otters.)

(by the way, these are quite mad.)

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