Esther, Exams, and Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

There are a lot of things floating around in my head as I stumble around in this trials-induced daze, and so while I’ll try to make some modicum of sense, please forgive the following rabble of incoherency…

Surprisingly, the most simple and straightforward to deal with are the exams. Right now, I’m at the insidious, lull-you-into-a-false-sense-of-security stage of 2 down, 6 to go, but a significant hurdle was knocked over today in the form of HSC French speaking. I suppose it went alright, but most importantly, it reminded me just how much fun it really is to be able to speak another language. I reckon it’s honestly such a rewarding skill and one of the most fun things you can possibly do at school. So yeah. I really like French. And I love being able to speak it with my friends. That’s mad. Must do more of that. I kinda maybe really hope that someday I’ll be lucky enough to have a language loving girlfriend and we’ll fumble our way through frenzied fragments of fractured French on a daily basis.

Anyway, I’m also currently so head-over-heels for the olympics, even as my favourite swimming and rowing are wrapping up. Also, I really love the triathlon. Race events are great, both to compete in and to watch, and triathlon, well, it’s got three times the racy goodness…

But amidst the beauty that is watching people achieve their dreams – as summed up quite well by Alex Day whom I normally rarely watch but this one was a cracker:

– I have defs fallen in love (I use that word very flippantly, if it hasn’t yet become apparent) with Jenni Pinches, nerdfighter extraordinaire.

And, well, on that note, it’s time to recount another revelation.
I’d been hovering around on the fringes for a while; I knew about vlogbrothers since about maybe 09? and watched perhaps a couple vids when I started to get into Charlie while in Franch at the end of 2010.


Absolutely, without a doubt, I now feel honoured to be able to call myself a nerdfighter. It’s just beautiful, and it staggers me to witness the unequivocal uniqueness and acceptance and poignancy and relevance and pure awesomeness of such a community, and well, thank you John and Hank.

And so in an act of pure idiocy yet also brilliance, I shall make it my goal to watch every vlogbrothers video in order at some point post-trials/post-hsc. And probs comment on them in some small capacity. But maaaayybbeee not on youtube since my account belongs to, I think, a 42 year old man. Don’t judge me, 1970 seemed like as good a year as any in which to be born… I WAS LIKE 13, I WANTED TO WATCH THE 18 PLUS VIDEOS, I’M SORRY

ANYWAY on a more serious note, this

was pretty bang on, and well, Hank, goddamn you read my mind.

I guess 93 nerdfighters can be wrong, and in my current state of meaninglessness, I was right there with them.

I’m starting to lose track of where I was going with this, but what popped up in my was that I think my ultimate, overarching goal in life should simply be to decrease world suck. And whether I do that as a doctor, an author, a journalist, a vlogger, a husband, a son, a father, whatever, I know it’s definitely worth doing. Oh and yes. That whole love and be loved. That’s been like my constant internal discourse for the past year or something. Hank, legend.

And so, on Esther Day (which, admittedly, was yesterday here in oz and, as of a few hours ago, yesterday in the states as well) I’d like to say thank you to whoever takes the time to read any of my ramblings, and, well, dftba.
I love you.

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