Devastation, Supplementation, and Routine Malaise


And no, I don’t mean aus’ queen of pop, so hold the candlelight vigils for now.
The world of Masterchef tonight lost a great hero, a culinary conjuror, a cooking crusader, a princess of pastries, and whatever other crappily alliterated superlatives you might care to label Kylie with, the latest victim of systematic, targeted cruelty exacted by the devious Matt, Gary and George. Alright, this is making very little sense, and I need to hurry along and get to bed and that because I am currently being a Good Student and trying out the foreign and downright intimidating concepts of Studying and Getting Enough Sleep. Anyway, I guess it comes as no surprise that the same company responsible for The Shire delights in stringing me along, eliminating in quick succession Debra the Menopausal Moaner, and Wade the Taciturn Troll only to devastate my delight, destroying the dreams of Beau, Alice and Kylie with clinical precision. What has the world come to? All I have left to sustain me now is the beautiful bromance of Ben and Andy, and let’s face it, only Kylie was good enough to challenge Mindy for the title. So I’m boycotting Masterchef, which is just as well considering the IMPENDING SPECTRE OF DOOM THAT LOOMS BEFORE US ALL, and destroys my ability to enjoy the Olympics. At all. Fuck the HSC.

On that note, I’m battling hard to find supplementary texts. I’ve barrelled through Fight Club and The Graduate these past few days, but I’m at a loss as to how I’m going to ever get around to writing anything ever about them. That’s not to mention Arcadia, for History & Memory, which, while strong on the History, seems to be suffering a severe case of Alzheimer’s and therefore offers NOTHING WHATSOEVER in terms of Memory. AND THAT’S not to mention the current failure of an idea that is Cluedo.

I apologise profusely for the severe dearth of sense in that above rabble.

trials are melting my brain.

Anyway, this has been around for a few years, but I’ve only (somewhat) recently come to have a proper appreciation of it.

That said, I’ve listened to it about five times on repeat while writing this, and I have to say it’s just becoming fucking annoying now. THIS IS THE SOURCE OF TODAY’S INCOHERENCY.

  1. cally said:

    You did kinda bring this misery on yourself by choosing to use Cluedo in the first place… 😛

    Oh and what was that about Arcardia being like “omgitsthebestrelatedtexteverz”? Huh? Huh?

    Anyway, TEAM BENDY.

  2. alexy01 said:

    I’ll amend that, Arcadia is the best things evarrrrr but lacks in the memory crap. who needs that sentimental shit anyway…

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