Trials, Timing, and Testudines

Trials are soon. Too, too soon. I’ve done nothing useful all holidays, so it’s a definite possibility that when school starts in two days I’ll start severely neglecting this blog.

On a happier note, allow me to present one of my favourite articles of clothing:

Now, I love this hoodie for three main reasons.

1) Ski patrol. I love snow. I love skiing. I love patrolling. (ok that’s not really true). But I want to study medicine and I need to learn first aid since I missed the course in year ten and so… Next season, when I’m 18, I’ll be able to apply for the volunteer service at Perisher or Thredbo and become a hectic ski patroller WOOOOOOO. I absolutely can’t wait, it’s going to be freaking awesome.

2) Well, there really isn’t much else to the hoodie, so it’s pretty clear that Vampire Weekend is also a factor in my deep undying love for this beautiful bundle of cotton.

So what’s incredible and amazing and fantastic and stupendous and splendiferous and phantasmagoric (actually, looking it up, that isn’t such a positive word after all) about it all is that vw are coming down under to play BDO. OH DAMN
What’s not so incredible is that I won’t be around until the 20th. Which in any other year would’ve been absolutely fine, but, as Murphy’s Law would have it, on the year that I’d finally be able to go to every stage and see every headliner and CHILDISH GAMBINO and FOALS and AARGHDFHUHADSFOSGJFsd f, it’s too days two late. ARGHARAGHAGRAgr

Seriously considering road tripping it down to Melbourne for the 26th…


3) greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. I like green. And while the green in this photo isn’t really the best, the actual product is a pretty schmexy verdigris. ARGH. that was close. everything just froze, as has been the case these past few months when it comes to my laptop and his tantrums. At least this time he restarted properly. Anyway, I like green. And you know what else is green?


But actually, they really aren’t. At least, most of them aren’t. I mean, look at these green sea turtles. A holiday spent in front of a screen may have irreparably altered m eyesight, but they still don’t look particularly viridian to me.

Still, I’d love to have a pet tortoise. (anyone read Esio Trot? my god I love Roald Dahl. Although those oompa loompas… I still have nightmares…)

(another note. the pet tortoise desire kinda really comes from Arcadia. But that’ll have to wait for another day. Or at least until after I finish the analysis I’m meant to be doing on it RIGHT NOW.


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