cookies, Cookies, and COOKIES

Now what in this world could be better than waking up to Elmo and Cookie Monster on Triple J?
In my head, this made such a good topic to write about, but come to think of it I don’t really know what to say… I DIDN’T EVEN WATCH SESAME STREET AS A KID.

But honestly, that was funniest wake-up I’ve ever had, and today has to be a good day. And if it isn’t, well, at least I’ve got this picture.

so anyway, here are some highlights:

“So Elmo, what’s your best hangover cure?”
“Elmo’s best hangover cure? DON’T DRINK. ahahaha.”

“What camera do you guys use, Cookie Monster? Do you have an SLR?”
“No, me use MePhone”

Elmo singing Gossling’s “Wild Love”.
Tell me this doesn’t sound like Elmo:

I’m hungry again. Cookies for breakfast sounds good.


  1. I saw them play the Cookie Monster’s rendition of “Call Me Maybe” at the end of Sunrise today. I’m going to have nightmares. (But WAIT, why did you not watch Sesame Street?! They taught me the alphabet! …which probably explains why I catch myself saying ‘zeee’ sometimes.)

  2. alexy01 said:

    Oh man I’d never realised his eyes were so googly… that is toeing a fine line between cute-crazy and deranged-crazy.
    (I definitely must’ve had a deprived childhood… but if I’m totally honest I think those big moving letters may have scared me. THEY JUST FLOAT AROUND. LIKE THOSE ALIENS IN CHARLIE AND THE GREAT GLASS ELEVATOR. hey, at least it rhymes so nicely; zed seems so final)

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