Passion, Procrastination, and Life Goals

May I preface this with my deepest apologies for all the deepness n shiz. I guess I’m just in an introspective mood today. Must have been the spam dreamz. I promise that the hsc is my girlfriend will soon return to regular scheduled broadcasting, after these short messages.

Applying to colleges sure is a headache and a half. WHY AM I EVEN DOING IT? odds are I won’t be going to the states anyway. Still, this whole passion business is pretty important regardless of where you attend uni. So where do I stand in this impassioned argument? Well, I reckon that passion is a great thing. I’m infinitely envious of that talented bunch who seem to know exactly what it is they want in and out of life. As for me, I wallow in the murky depths of extreme indecision. I’m scared to no end that I’m just a “serial participator”. And that’s probably true. Even this vague attempt at self-expression has a terrifying passion pushing subtext. But is that really so wrong? If, in the specious scramble to cultivate a college-induced passion, I derive a sense of delight, of purpose, even (yeah that’s right buddy) of identity, who’s to say this new-found passion is any less valid? Anyway. Yeah. It’s hard to distil the “interests” of my impetuous mind into something focussed.

So anyway, I wasted a lot of time today. But you know… charlieissocoollike started as a means to procrastinate on exam revision… so yeah. MY NEW PASSION SHALL BE TO WRITE A SONG. (but that’s actually legit, I am trying to write a song. yeah.) AND BECOME A YOUTUBE CELEBRITY (also legit. I think I’d like the attention.) I SHALL BECOME THE NEXT CHARLIE, AND THAT’S A GUARANTEE, 100% CASH BACK.

A Condensed, Abridged, and Downright Laughably Short and Irrelevant List of Life Goals:

-go to Vidcon
-go to Sundance
-ski america
-get published in the New York Times
-drink horchata in December
do naked pushups in the snow √ (Japan, January 2011) [yes I know that’s a square root sign but i just couldn’t find a tick…]


Here. Have some Charlie.

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