Holidays, Blood, and Colonel Mustard in the Dining Room

The holidays are finally here?
The holidays are finally here!

“Now that I’m on holidays, I’m going to do all of the things! Write a novel, read books, ride bikes, go jogging, go to plays…”
… is what I would have said if I didn’t have the ominous spectre of HSC trials looming over my shoulder.

So those beautiful word sentences above were actually written almost a week ago. Amazing how holidays completely and utterly drain you of any motivation to do any of the things you were saving for said holidays.

Anyway, they’re my holidays. Study, which is not happening right now. And bikes. Lots of biking.
Confession time: Five days ago, I couldn’t really ride a bike. AND NOW I CAN. I WIN.

So blood. That’s pretty cool stuff, right? In fact, isn’t it “a specialized bodily fluid in animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells?” Yes. Yes it is. It’s pretty cool. And on Monday I lost 470mL of it. YEAH BUDDY. SURE FELT GOOD ABOUT MYSELF THERE. (hint: I donated blood. It was fun.)

I miss Cluedo. I think it might have been my first true love. What makes it even better is that we have THE SIMPSONS CLUEDO. THAT’S RIGHT. However, that clashes horribly with my lofty academic goals of using it as a supplementary text for Crime Writing, the phreshest English course out. word.

And so here I am, with an open plea.
If you have Cluedo, please lend it to me !

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