Lyrics, Late Nights, and Scream Queens

It’s not hard to come up with words that rhyme. Especially when the internet provides with such helpful tools as this:

But despite these beautiful suggestions, of which my favourites include antisubmarine, mangosteen, and newsmagazine, I still can’t come up with ANY LYRICS AT ALL. I’M SORRY GUYS, I’M BATTLING HARD HERE. I’M TRYING, HONESTLY I AM.

My sleep cycle also seems to be battling hard. Funny things start to happen once the clock ticks over past midnight and the witching hour begins… Last night I felt like I had an epiphany about doing all of the things, but I think somehow my motivation melts under sunlight, cause I’m feeling pretty lazy right about now.

ANYWAY. This post makes no sense, and I’m not even half-asleep. Or maybe I am. It’s kinda hard to tell.

Also, I found this hilarious last night, but now, who knows?


I need some sleep.

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