Shoes, News, and Terrible Timing

I have a lot of shoes. A lot of shoes. Far too many shoes for one guy to have.

But in spite of that, I got new shoes. I like them a lot.
In my defence, though, I was forced to – my old school shoes were falling apart (c’mon mum I don’t really mind wet feet) and so I got some sexy shoes in the mid-year sales woo.
Also I’ve just bought some new ugg boots. What is it with all my favourite shoes inconsiderately developing holes? my poor green chucks are starting to go too…

Ok to be honest, news just rhymes with shoes.

But that could be a thing to do – take a news article every so often, and comment on it. That’d be nice actually! Maybe the NY Times op-ed or something, once a fortnight or so. hmmm…

In other news, I have too much music. C’MON PHONE YOU CAN FIT IT ALL ON. pleaseeeeeee???
(that reminds me. My phone needs a name. I called my old ipod clementine, but it just didn’t seem to fit. Thoughts?)
Finally, the timing of gigs is so shit. First the xx arrive before I’m 18. THEN snakadaktal play in the middle of my trials. GODDAMN HSC.

blogging at 11 on a school night. HOH DAMN WATCH OUT.
what is this world coming to…


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