Toast Face, Commenting, and What is this all about, anyway?

This video looks like fun. LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN. Gotta love that regispek.

So Hank Green just drove me to make my first substantial comment on a YouTube video. I’m not quite sure why that feels like such a big deal. It isn’t, really, but I suppose that while over the years my confidence in certain areas has skyrocketed, in others I still remain painfully shy. Even with the cloak of online anonymity, I always seem reticent when it comes to sharing my thoughts online.


So by “this”, I mean this blog. What am I hoping to achieve by doing this? I think I really need to get this clear, so I can perhaps write more frequently, or find some sort of greater motivation to post.

-It’s a good thing, I reckon, to just be able to thought dump on a (virtual) page using words. I guess I am pretty much turning this into a diary, which is alright, but I would like some sort of greater purpose or focus.

(side note: IT’S BLOODY FREEZING. but I just said to myself that I would try and waste less, so I can’t turn on the heating. And I just can’t be bothered to get up and grab a jumper. Damn.)

-Also, this is a completely new thing for me. And it’s nice, to feel like I’m throwing caution to the wind by, in some small way, challenging myself to write. And so i guess I’m just doing this right now ’cause it’s something new.

-Finally, I suck at telling stories. Particularly interesting stories. with jokes! and humour! and laughs! Also I’ve now discovered that I’m equally as bad at writing them. SO. I reckon my biggest goal here is to get better at writing. Also at being funny. But that’s a long way off.

I think this is getting too serious.

Have a dancing bear.


Snakadaktal. Dance Bear. Hectic track. Look it up.

    • alexy01 said:

      I’m glad you appreciated it!

      There was just no other possible way to sum up my mood. Ursine dance moves are my specialty.

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