yes it has.

And I don’t really have an explanation; blogging is fun, I’m meant to have more time, so this really doesn’t make much sense. But anyway, in the interests of speed blogging and saving time (and in accordance with my usual philosophy of plan-nothing-write-nonsense), I’ll spare the excuses.

So my mum is away from home (first during dad’s birthday, now over fathers’ day… conspiracy?) and I’ve got an ass-ton of work to do (so what’s new?), but I’ve missed the feeling of creating something, anything, no matter how good or bad it is and no matter the audience. I need to create something by myself and for myself. I need to prove to myself that I exist. I need to be creative. I need to…


But in lieu of that, here’s some stuff I like:

(hardly new, but #yoloswagbitches)

(quite new, at least to me.)

(both new and old)

I feel so happy for this Gavin Than character (creator of zen pencils, if you’re wondering. a brilliant, beautiful brew of advice, inspiration, and comix). a talent + an idea + today’s incredible, accessible technology + a dash of inspiration + a spark  of creativity = a thoughtful, sensitive contribution to _____ (insert your own meaning here)


In other news, it seems I’m being paid to become a role model. Despite my feeling comprehensively unqualified, the opportunity to fulfil my long-held wish to be a big brother might indeed win the day, so watch out world!
On the topic of role models:

1) my parents

2) the brothers Green

3) Hans Rosling

Now to transform thoughts into action!

(#betterthanhamlet #yolo #seeingrosencrantzandguildensternontuesdayhollaaaaaaaa )


I’m eating lunch.

Cool story, I know; even cooler is that Sydney Uni strikes yet again, so I get to eat and write in the comfort of my own kitchen. Being obliged to clean out the fridge (not to mention lazy), I’m feasting on some glorious left over duck curry, although what I really wanted to make was this:

I found out about this one a few weeks ago, while desperate not to let an absolutely beautiful wedge of pecorino go bad, and I’ve been desperate to try it out. First attempt was delicious, but given that I was actually meant to be writing an essay that night, I may have skipped certain deliciousness-enhancing steps of an already bare-bones recipe. Oh well. Duck! I regret nothing.

Moving on, or rather backwards, I may have spent my morning in bed reading Deathly Hallows, after first being woken by a South African carpet-layer with the wrong address, strange men on the roof, and a very friendly and apologetic neighbour at the door. And all this got me thinking. The best things happen in bed. (okay, I lied, I didn’t really think that. But it sounds nice, right?)

Anyway, what I really started thinking was that I wanted to read and write more. Also that I wanted to go to Hogwarts. Earth-shattering revelations, right? But really, what’s stopping me? (and let’s face it, the dementors are already on their way to USyd…


So I want to write more. To be more specific, I want to write more kids/YA book reviews. A Wrinkle in Time, Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Anna and the French Kiss, Saving Francesca, Jasper Jones – they’re all just sitting there, judging me. Well it’s about time I started judging them back! (unfortunately, that shit ain’t happening today, I need to get going to the bank, Officeworks, Medicare, HCF and whatnot. oh the joys of teenagerdom. wait what? I suppose I have to grow up some day…)

So when will this be happening? Well, first I need to sort out my next three years. Tall order, I know, but hopefully I’ve narrowed it down. Commerce – low risk, low return. French (avec honours (gasp!) (in French!) (le gasp!)) – high risk, potentially high return. Either way, I need to make sure I leave myself enough time to read and write and medicinize and all that jazz.

Enfin, the question must be asked: Alex, why do you want to write? What’s the point? You’re not that great at it; why write if you’re never going to be published? well poo. I like having written. that’s the fun part. Start off small – blogs, emails. Next come the reviews and screenplays. Then, the world. yes that’s right. I’m going to write the world.

Let’s rescue this with a song.


You know the thing about rescuing crazy blog posts?

Sometimes, all you need is a punchy last line.

1) don’t sleep.

2) finish two major essays the mornings they’re due.

3) drive to birthday party. (no drinking please, we’re all law-abiding citizens here.)

4) realise how little you’ve seen of old friends.

5) play twister.

6) sing and dance like a maniac.

7) realise how much you love aforementioned friends.

8) realise how much you love your new friends.

9) play mario kart.

10) tell all your friends you love them.

11) tell your parents you love them.

12) write drunkenly about it, pretending to be clever by recounting your night as an instruction manual. meta meta!



(p.s. I love you.)

(p.p.s. I am not Gerard Butler.)

mean that it’s my birthday!!!

And by me, I mean this here blog. That’s right, the hsc is my girlfriend is turning 1, and to celebrate, I’m  not really doing anything special… sorry. But on the plus side, this one has bought me ticket to see TSWIZZLEEEEEEEEEÈEEÊEEEEEEEEËEE. and I’m quite excited. or very excited. or pee-your-pants-crazy-dancing excited (maybe not that much). This is heading in a rather unexpected direction. Um. So the English Premier League has ended, SAF is bowing out on a record 13th title, and 22 (a.k.a. my humble fantasy team) has finished top of GW 11 starters in the world, so I’m happy. Also I have a shit-tonne of work, so I’m sad. Also I finished my first substantial essay last Friday (16 pages, what of it) so I’m happy. Also I really need to get going to uni, so I’m sad. Also…

You know what, I think it’s just going to be one of those days.

Sometimes I feel like a directionless lump. Sometimes that doesn’t bother me. Let’s face it, it’s pretty nice to feel obligation-free; it’s even better when you’ve got some spare Community episodes up your sleeve, or a not-recently-enough-re-read John Green book lying around. But sometimes it gets scary. Sometimes it’s more than just wanting to take a break, or be lazy for an hour or ten. In fact, I would contest that lumps, if they were indeed sentient beings, would benefit from doing something about the guilt of doing nothing, that creeping, lumpy feeling that time’s-a-wasting.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this. It’s sounding a fair bit darker and a whole lot incoherent-et than I intended, so I’d better get back on track. I guess all that I’m trying to say is that I’ve been feeling a little lost since I left school. The floodgates have finally opened and this big fish is being put back in his place, only just managing (for now) to stay ahead of the net. But it’s time to make a change! Or a chang.

(I really ought to decide what it is I actually want to say, rather than trying to wing it as I go, oughtn’t I?)

Basically I’ve been flip-flopping around. Arts advanced is a whole new kettle of fish, and I don’t think I’m currently up to scratch. Commerce should be a nice change of stream. Faster? Slower? Warmer? Colder? Gulf-ier? I don’t know. I suppose I’ll find out next semester. (I’m not trying to be cryptic, I swear!)

Here, have a video to make up for it. Maybe I’ll be ready to speak a bit more clearly tomorrow (oh Mothers’ Day. I probably should’ve gotten a card).

oh heck, have another one. just ‘cos it’s Mothers’ Day eve. Vive le Hallmark Holiday!


Please take the message of this post from the quote (unattributed, sorry John!) and the videos, not my words. Please?

Thank you, thank you very much.

Today it took me two hours to water the garden. It’s true I wanted to be thorough and all, but I’m sure reading a book at the same time had something to do with it.


I probably shouldn’t leave drafts overnight; all the brilliant prose i had just itching to be poured out onto e-paper has somehow been quelled. More of a niggle now, really. Not even worth scratching. What am I saying. eh anyway I read A Wrinkle in Time, because kids books are always superior. Far superior. And they have such straightforward yet absolutely essential and resonant messages. Love conquers all. Well, I guess that’s no surprise.

Anyway, like I think I said earlier, this “writing” business is really just giving me a shoddy excuse to regurgitate songs I’m liking immensely off triple j at the present time. Expect more on this unhealthy fixation in the posts to come.

Here we go; straight out of New York, I present to you the fantastic pants of MS MR (whom I so devastatingly missed at Laneway [I realise that implies I was there; I wish that were true. I really do.])

and even better:

I have no idea why I chose that title.

Well, that’s a lie. Kind of. Vaguely related to Will Greyson, Will Greyson, this “quote” reminded me of something else that I swear came from some John Green book somewhere. “Momentum is zero.”

Oh crap. In the process of writing this I think I just realised I used that stupid quote in a short story I wrote. Damn. I did. I kinda remember it now.

ANYWAY that was all me trying to say that I lost what little blog posting momentum I had gathered, and this is me trying, little by little, to claw it back. ugh. I’m so tired and out of it. Ugh.

The real reason, or at least the most spontaneously pressing reason, for me to smash out another truly incoherent post is to get a few more songs of the day out there. I feel like I really need this as a chronicle of what I’m listening to throughout the year. (read: just more examples of how fickle my love and attention really are.)

So here we go. This one’s quite beautiful.

And just for good measure: